Ormonde Vets – Callan

West Street
Co. Kilkenny

Tel: 00353 567725825

Ormonde Vets – Thomastown

Dublin Road

Tel: 0567754338

Our dedicated vets develop professional, honest, working relationships with our farm clients as we strive to maximise herd health, welfare and the productivity of livestock.  A separate large animal reception awaits you at our hospital enabling us to tailor our customer service approach to the requirements of farm clients.  Our large animal team are on call 24/7 for all your needs.  We provide a full service of care for large animals and we are proud to boast extensive on-site laboratory capabilities which massively, positively impact the service we can provide.

Lab for farm animal

Our on-site laboratory empowers us to react quickly, yet accurately to illness, negating the frustration of waiting for external lab results which often take two or three days to turn around.  In fact, samples delivered to us before midday will be processed the very same day.  This efficient and accurate diagnostic ability allows for swift treatment of disease, which in turn promotes the best outcomes for livestock and farming businesses.